After staring at the old "temporary" website design for almost two years now, I have decided to finally update my website.

old website design

I am now using Zola, a static site generator, in conjunction with a slightly modified terminimal theme. So far it has been very easy to use and set up, with content using the CommonMark format. This format is quite nice, as I can easily write blog posts and adjust pages on the site from my terminal (like right now!) with minimal effort. While the new website certainly looks better and is more readable than the one of the past, a mild speed tradeoff has been made.

Cold reload of main page:

new website
old website

The new website is significantly larger than the previous, with about 130kb of data transfer taking place from fonts alone. About 70kb of the new website's data transfer is live reload javascript only present in my development environment, so the total size comes out to be about 140kb vs 6kb. This size shouldn't be an issue for most modern connections, but unfortunately modern isn't a gauranteed in this world. 13 Billion Devices run Java after all.